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      1. 简体中文 | ENGLISH | ADD TO FAVORITES
        DATE:2013-10-22    Construction materials and new technologies in building 2013

        Industry Focus
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        We are pleased to invite you to participate in the International exhibition for “Construction materials and new technologies in building” to be held from 19 – 23 March 2013 at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.The registration before December 29.

        General Information
        The International exhibition “Construction materials and new technologies in building 2013”organized by Hong Kong «Smart Full Trading Co. Ltd», with russian company «NK Stroy» at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.,Moscow,Russia,pavilion N3. The representatives of the Moscow city hall and Moscow regions city halls as well as the representatives of the leading Russian and the CIS construction companies will be invited to the exhibition. Event purpose: to attract Chinese manufacturers of new construction materials and technologies to cooperate with Russian companies to promote Chinese construction goods in the Russian marketto build mutually beneficial long-term chinese-russian cooperation. Exhibition objectives : to help chinese companies introduce their new goods technologies to russian consumers, to help expand the market for their modernized construction technology and products in construction outside of China to the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Company-organizer guarantees further sales promotion of manufacturers’ products and search for partners and customers after the exhibition.

        Attendee Information

        Exhibitor Information